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[texts]TRS-80 Manual: Raaka-Tu (1981)(Tandy)
TRS-80 Manual: Raaka-Tu (1981)(Tandy)
Keywords: ienteri; shack; software; tandy; computer; program; radio; press; treasures; cassette; press ienteri; software license; radio shack; program tape; tandy corporation
Downloads: 88
[texts]TRS-80 Manual: Magic Carpet (1982)(Datasoft)
TRS-80 Manual: Magic Carpet (1982)(Datasoft)
Keywords: shack; software; tandy; radio; customer; loading; corporation; ienteri; program; story; radio shack; shack software; tandy corporation; magic carpet; press ienteri
Downloads: 42
[texts]TRS-80 Manual: Eliza (1978)(Tandy)
TRS-80 Manual: Eliza (1978)(Tandy)
Keywords: eliza; press; ienteri; computer; type; shack; asterisks; cassette; tandy; respond; radio shack; voice synthesizer; press ienteri; tandy corporation
Downloads: 52
[texts]TRS-80 Manual: Sword of Roshon (1983)(Software Concepts)
TRS-80 Manual: Sword of Roshon (1983)(Software Concepts)
Keywords: shack; software; ienteri; tandy; loading; story; customer; radio; program; roshon; radio shack; tandy corporation; shack software; press ienteri
Downloads: 32
[texts]TRS-80 Manual: Dancing Demon (1980)(Tandy)
TRS-80 Manual: Dancing Demon (1980)(Tandy)
Keywords: press; demon; ienteri; joe; loading; cassette; dancing; dance; space; hornbuckle; press ienteri; loading dance; dancing demon; dance routines; loading instructions; joe hornbuckle
Downloads: 61
[texts]TRS-80 Manual: Paddle Pinball (1981)(Eric Quintana-Tandy)
TRS-80 Manual: Paddle Pinball (1981)(Eric Quintana-Tandy)
Keywords: paddle; pinball; ienteri; shack; software; radio; hitting; press; score; tandy; software license; mini amplifier; radio shack; model iii; press ienteri; cassette recorder; tandy corporation; paddle pinball; ball hits
Downloads: 49
[texts]TRS-80 Manual: 13 Ghosts (1983)(Tandy)
TRS-80 Manual: 13 Ghosts (1983)(Tandy)
Keywords: ghost; ghosts; ienteri; diskette; tandy; software; shack; backup; trsdos; radio; radio shack; shack software; tandy corporation; press ienteri; laughing ghost; ghost counter
Downloads: 44
[texts]TRS-80 Manual: Eliza (1979)(Tandy)
TRS-80 Manual: Eliza (1979)(Tandy)
Keywords: eliza; ienteri; software; tandy; press; iii; shack; computer; type; radio; radio shack; voice synthesizer; press ienteri; software license; model iii; tandy corporation
Downloads: 67
[texts]TRS-80 Manual: Flying Saucers (1981)(Tandy)
TRS-80 Manual: Flying Saucers (1981)(Tandy)
Keywords: software; tandy; saucers; shack; press; iii; radio; ienteri; computer; corporation; radio shack; flying saucers; tandy corporation; software license; model iii; press ienteri
Downloads: 43
[texts]TRS-80 Manual: Paddle Pinball (1981)(Eric Quintana-Tandy)[a]
TRS-80 Manual: Paddle Pinball (1981)(Eric Quintana-Tandy)[a]
Keywords: paddle; press; shack; hitting; tandy; radio; ball; software; bumper; ienteri; press leimterl; mini amplifier; radio shack; cassette recorder; tandy corporation; software license; paddle pinball; press ienteri; ball hits
Downloads: 29
[texts]TRS-80 Manual: Haunted House (1981)(Tandy)
TRS-80 Manual: Haunted House (1981)(Tandy)
Keywords: ienteri; software; haunted; tandy; radio; shack; iii; press; lenterl; house; press lenterl; press ienteri; model iii; haunted house; software license; tandy corporation; radio shack
Downloads: 54
[texts]Number Line v1.10 (2000)(Texas Instruments)
Number Line v1.10 (2000)(Texas Instruments)
Keywords: fraction; press; select; exit; enter; window; quit; indicator; texas instruments; entry; online help; licensed materials; press ienteri; label numbers; vector history; window settings; lower indicator; window values; window range
Downloads: 51
[texts]Explorer Draw v0.33 - Texas Instruments
Explorer Draw v0.33 from Texas Instruments.
Keywords: explorer; command; select; drawing; press; isometric; commands; draw; file; repeat; concept application; command history; explorer draw; texas instruments; press ienteri; licensed materials; command viewer; logo light; isometric dots; repeat command
Downloads: 40
[texts]TRS-80 Manual: Invasion Force (1979)(Tandy)
TRS-80 Manual: Invasion Force (1979)(Tandy)
Keywords: neal; jovian; pod; ship; command; commander; quadrant; antimatter; triton; power; antimatter pods; antimatter pod; commander neal; jovian command; long range; space station; press ienteri; range scanners; short range; triton missile
Downloads: 78
[texts]TRS-80 Manual: General Ledger v1.1 (19xx)(Tandy)
TRS-80 Manual: General Ledger v1.1 (19xx)(Tandy)
Keywords: ledger; press; account; total; posting; document; acct; accounts; appendix; return; accounts receivable; trial balance; general ledger; xyz company; account number; ledger posting; balance sheet; press lenterl; retained earnings; press ienteri
Downloads: 67
[texts]generalmanual 000008823
generalmanual 000008823
Keywords: press; pulse; para; enter; modo; las; ienteri; mode; del; search; press ienteri; las pilas; para entrar; pulse ienteri; las listas; secret number; appropriate number; para seleccionar; interface software; cursor hasta
Downloads: 14
[texts]generalmanual 000027632
generalmanual 000027632
Keywords: press; cursor; program; matrix; graph; function; display; expression; edit; select; press ienteri; range variables; statistical data; edit screen; viewing rectangle; program edit; current cursor; function graphing; parametric graphing; statistical calculations
Downloads: 14
[texts]generalmanual 000003734
generalmanual 000003734
Keywords: press; listings; enter; mode; display; select; listing; schedule; secret; entry; secret function; press ienteri; secret listings; schedule alarm; operating batteries; entry prompt; alarm sound; schedule mode; memory storage; memory backup
Downloads: 13
[texts]TRS-80 Manual: Accounts Receivable System (1981)(Tandy)
TRS-80 Manual: Accounts Receivable System (1981)(Tandy)
Keywords: press; ars; account; accounts; screen; diskettes; billing; ledger; transactions; enter; aging status; ledger code; general ledger; press ienteri; running ars; sample reports; account listing; ledger account; accounts receivable; account numbers
Downloads: 41
[texts]Explorer Draw v0.33 (2003)(Texas Instruments)
Explorer Draw v0.33 (2003)(Texas Instruments)
Keywords: explorer; command; select; drawing; press; isometric; commands; draw; file; repeat; command history; texas instruments; explorer draw; licensed materials; press ienteri; concept application; command viewer; logo light; isometric dots; repeat command
Downloads: 26
[texts]generalmanual 000025783
generalmanual 000025783
Keywords: menu; select; graph; argl; press; cursor; returns; display; enter; function; press ienteri; function graphing; viewing rectangle; range variables; current graph; real num; complex number; press imorei; differential equation; program editor
Downloads: 28
[texts]TRS-80 Manual: General Ledger v1.0 (19xx)(Tandy)
TRS-80 Manual: General Ledger v1.0 (19xx)(Tandy)
Keywords: acct; press; total; accounts; posting; document; ienteri; account; xyz; ledger; sales report; accounts receivable; press ienteri; retained earnings; general ledger; account number; posting summary; company general; xyz company; trial balance
Downloads: 29
[texts]TRS-80 Manual: Xenos (1982)(Tandy)
TRS-80 Manual: Xenos (1982)(Tandy)
Keywords: drive; diskette; press; ienteri; trsdos; backup; insert; disk; screen; xenos; tandy corporation; xenos disk; press ienteri; blank diskette; model iii; trsdos diskette; single drive; press lenterl; radio shack; source disk
Downloads: 64
[texts]TRS-80 Manual: Microfiles (1980)(Tandy)
TRS-80 Manual: Microfiles (1980)(Tandy)
Keywords: ienteri; program; disk; lenterl; format; command; screen; press; drive; enter; intentinnally blank; press ienteri; press lenterl; disk drive; radio shack; tandy corporation; ienteri enter; ienteri ienteri; model iii; moves cursor
Downloads: 32
[texts]TRS-80 Manual: Gammon Gambler (1981)(Visicorp)
TRS-80 Manual: Gammon Gambler (1981)(Visicorp)
Keywords: stones; board; stone; dice; shack; player; die; gammon; skill; backgammon; model iii; upper half; radio shack; press ienteri; skill level; point numbers; shack software; gammon gambler; tandy corporation; starting position
Downloads: 42
[texts]generalmanual 000002403
generalmanual 000002403
Keywords: para; tap; toque; del; enter; modo; luego; los; select; introduccion; para seleccionar; para introducir; toque para; los datos; luego seleccione; modo del; press ienteri; entering characters; del reloj; secret function
Downloads: 56
[texts]Number Line v1.10 - Texas Instruments
Number Line v1.10 from Texas Instruments.
Keywords: fraction; press; select; exit; quit; entry; enter; indicator; texas instruments; window; online help; licensed materials; press ienteri; label numbers; vector history; window settings; lower indicator; window values; window range
Downloads: 57
[texts]generalmanual 000030119
generalmanual 000030119
Keywords: pulse; para; del; press; modo; las; tap; enter; mode; introduzca; press ienteri; veces para; para entrar; las pilas; dos veces; pulse ienteri; los datos; luego pulse; search display; pulse ienter
Downloads: 53
[texts]Topics in Algebra Chapter 1 - Number Sense v1.01 (2001)(Texas Instruments)
Topics in Algebra Chapter 1 - Number Sense v1.01 (2001)(Texas Instruments)
Keywords: algebra; students; press; select; instruments; linear; texas; topics; worksheet; calculator; number sense; press display; texas instruments; correct answer; student worksheet; instruments teacher; press ienteri; instruments student; teacher notes; linear functions
Downloads: 97
[texts]TRS-80 Manual: Starquest (1983)(Tandy)
TRS-80 Manual: Starquest (1983)(Tandy)
Keywords: press; ienteri; starquest; shack; warbase; modify; trsdos; aliens; debug; lenterl; starquest program; model iii; space bar; cassette recorder; radio shack; press lenterl; type quest; tandy corporation; press ienteri; mine canisters
Downloads: 38
[texts]generalmanual 000002382
generalmanual 000002382
Keywords: pulse; para; modo; las; press; tap; mode; ienteri; enter; del; press ienteri; las pilas; pulse ienteri; veces para; para entrar; dos veces; ienteri para; search display; para seleccionar; luego pulse
Downloads: 11
[texts]Radio Shack CoCo Manual: Xenos (1981)(Tandy)[26-1955]
Radio Shack CoCo Manual: Xenos (1981)(Tandy)[26-1955]
Keywords: ienteri; drive; diskette; disk; trsdos; backup; insert; press; screen; xenos; xenos disk; source disk; press ienteri; trsdos diskette; model iii; tandy corporation; drive systems; blank diskette; radio shack; single drive
Downloads: 55
[texts]TRS-80 Manual: Monty Plays Monopoly (1982)(Ritam)
TRS-80 Manual: Monty Plays Monopoly (1982)(Ritam)
Keywords: diskette; ienteri; press; monty; backup; software; tandy; program; insert; shack; cassette recorder; backup copy; program diskette; ispace barl; press ienteri; interface cable; loading instructions; tandy corporation; radio shack; model iii
Downloads: 33
[texts]Matrices v1.00 (1999)(Texas Instruments)
Matrices v1.00 (1999)(Texas Instruments)
Keywords: matrix; matrices; press; returns; cursor; application; select; edit; row; mth; matrix mth; rectangular cursor; matrices application; edit cursor; texas instruments; mth edt; existing matrix; matrix edit; matrix menu; press ienteri
Downloads: 28
[texts]Radio Shack CoCo Manual: Bedlam (1982)(Tandy)
Radio Shack CoCo Manual: Bedlam (1982)(Tandy)
Keywords: press; ienteri; bedlam; program; cassette; shack; modify; trsdos; debug; iii; cassette recorder; bedlam program; press ienteri; model iii; space bar; trsdos ready; reset button; tandy corporation; radio shack; software license
Downloads: 101
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